Tablet WACOM Display Interactivo CINTIQ 22 LCD HD


Tablet WACOM Display Interactivo CINTIQ 22 LCD HD

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Tablet WACOM Display Interactivo



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The Cintiq 22HD Interactive Pen Display from Wacom is a high quality, versatile

professional pen display with a variety of input capabilities.

This pen display offers a sleek design along with a high-definition display.

This display suits the needs of a variety of everyday professionals

from photographers,

to designers, and artists. Regardless of your profession

this extremely capable pen display is sure to please. 



The large 19.5" x 11.5" display supports up to 16.7 million colors.

Each of these colors is displayed brilliantly with 230 cdm²

brightness support. With 178°' horizontal and 89° vertical

viewing angles you will be able to see your Cintiq HD22 from a variety of angles. 



This interactive device offers 16-user assignable ExpressKeys to boost productivity by

providing quick access to keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys.

The integrated ExpressKeys accompanied by the Touch Strip

Toggle buttons allow for ambidextrous use for both right and left handed individuals. 



The pen included with the Cintiq 22HD comes complete with a latex-free

silicone rubber with 6 standard, 1 stroke, and 3 felt nibs.

With pressure a pressure level of 2048 on the pen tip and eraser

you can be sure to catch each detail.

Versatile Interactive Pen Display



The Cintiq 22HD combines a 21.5" HD, wide-format LCD with intuitive pen input capabilities,

all in a traditional desktop display. Photographers, designers, artists and other creative

professionals can work naturally on the surface of the display, while enjoying all the

creative and efficiency gains that make Cintiq the first choice among professionals.

The Cintiq 22HD pressure- and tilt- sensitive pen gives you control

over pressure-sensitive brush effects such as line weight, opacity,

and exposure. With Wacom's advanced Tip Sensor, the pen recognizes your

slightest nuance of pressure, so you can capture, every subtly in your stroke.

In addition, the pen side switch can be set for application-specific shortcuts and modifiers.

You can benefit from the experience of working directly on-screen with the Cintiq 22HD.

For starters, the ambidextrous design of the Cintiq 22HD features a pair of rear-mounted

Touch Strips, along with accompanying Touch Strip Toggle buttons.

Each controls up to four application specific functions, such as brush size,

zooming, scrolling and on-screen canvas rotation. Sixteen ExpressKeys

(eight on either side of the display) boost productivity by providing quick

access to keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys





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